Vegan, Mango Spring Rolls


Hello ya´ll!

When I´m out eating I often find myself thinking ” I can so make this on my own!” and this time was no exception! we got these wonderful springrolls with the best sauce ever! ❤ And then, when I actually make it on my own I often realist that, well, I so can´t make it on my own. This time was no exception, BUT it became so delish anyways! I added some mango to the rolls which worked super nice with the peanut, salty sauce!


Vegan , Mango Spring rolls:

Rice paper

a Fresh Mango

a Half of a cucumber

a Carrot


Rice nudels (around 50g)

Peanut Sauce:

70 g Smooth peanut butter

30 g Sesame Oil

4 g Fish Sauce

One small slice of garlic

1 – 2 limes

How to: 

Start with the sauce. Stir peanut butter, sesame oil, fish sauce and rasped garlic smooth. Add the lime. I used one, a very juicy one so use 2 if you feel it´s needed. If you prefer the sauce more pea nutty, just skip the lime and add more oil to until it´s the consistency you want. It should be thick, so it sticks to the rolls but not to thick.

bild 466

Cook the rice noddles according to the instructions on the package.

Cut the carrots, cucumber and mango into thin stripes and put aside.


Boil some water, put in to a bowl and put the rice paper in for a few seconds. Take out and place like above. Put the filling on and fold the left and right corner. Roll and tighten as much as possible.

Enjoy! ❤


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