Christmas Sugar Cookies

Hi people!

Back to the sugar cookies making that I so enjoy! 😀 These beauties are perfect as presents, make a little hole in them, a string and viola: personal Christmas tree ornaments! I did not use cutters, I cut mine on free hand, baked the first one of and used as a mold.

Here´s a little walk threw with some pictures. The recipe and baking is to be found on my post on summer cookies:

So here we go – welcome to this little Christmas tutorial!

1. Start by making a line like below on. Use a thicker glaze for this, by adding more powdered sugar.




2.  Add some egg white to your glaze to make it more fluent. Fill in the outline areas. This way the filled in areas will be smooth, if you´d use a thicker one it will not be smooth. Also, without the lines, the glaze is harder to control and creates better end result. (see pic below)


3. Let dry and add some Christmas dekorations!


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  1. Mmmm… these look delicious! They are really cute too!


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