Salted Milk Chocolate Caramels

Hi again all of you! 🙂

Making caramels has always been a favourite in my family. We´ve always been the sweet toothed kinda people and baking has therefore been a part of my childhood. In my family we often went for baking a sticky cake or cooking caramel instead of buying candy. We eat candy also ofc, all else would be insane, but we all enjoy the simple thing called: home baked goods! Here´s a recipe for a caramel I´ve been playing around with, simpler than most people think! (and omg so tasty!!)

Salted Milk Chocolate Caramels:

190g Salted butter

4dl sugar

4dl Heavy cream (38%)

2dl Light Syrup

100g dark chocolate, chopped

50g milk chocolate, chopped

1 tbsp glucose syrup

1 tbsp Vanilla powder

2 tsp Ocean Salt

How to:

1. Melt the butter

2. Add, salt, sugar, cream, glucose syrup, syrup, chocolate and vanilla


3. Let simmer for about 30-40 min on low heat. You can also boil it longer, just make sure the heat stays under 100 degrees Celsius. I like to boil my caramel longer, since I believe it adds more


4. After 30 – 40 min increase the heat and boil it until it has reached 122-125 degrees Celsius. OR make something called a ball-test (see at the end of receipt.

5. Poor in to a oven form with a baking paper in  or buttered.


6. Put in the fridge to set. When set a little, sprinkle some extra sea salt on the caramel, believe me, this is what makes these babies heaven to eat so don´t skip the salt people!

7.Cut in to desired size.


8. Cut squares out of baking paper, pack each on them in or why not skip this part and eat them straight away?;) Enjoy!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Carin says:

    Is it 2 tbsp or 2 tsp Ocean Salt?


    1. Tsp is correct, thanks Carin 🙂


  2. Sabrina says:

    These look delicious!!


    1. Belive me, they are! 😀


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